Saturday, June 19, 2010


Here is the deal. 5 minutes into the movie, Sita is kidnapped. That was quick, Can't wait to see the rest of the movie, I thought, but I had to, for a flat 100 minutes.

Meanwhile Sita jumps off a waterfall and it is captured so beautifully, u r awestruck by the cinematography and the exotic beauty of Athirapally waterfalls , but by the third time it is shown u just think she hit a tree and she s just fine..
Sita shrieks, Beera makes faces, Ram shoots/runs/wears sunglasses, again and then again and then again..
Get up take a walk - Sita is shrieking Beera is making faces and Ram is shooting/running.
Take a nap - hey Govinda is Tarzan, and
Sita is still shrieking Beera is still making faces and Ram is still shooting/running.

Time : Infinity
Flashback : Sita is dancing, again dancing then again dancing, no more I wonder why Ram is not missing Sita.
Beera has fallen for Sita seeing her jump down the waterfall.
Flashback : Surpanakha is pulled by her nose, humiliated and commits suicide. So it's a revenge saga. Sita lowers her shrieking decibels. But why is Beera running a parallel govt, Is he a tribal/naxalite/maoist. Oh nothing matters just take this thing forward.

Tarzan meets Sita, just like that, my guess - they have run out of locations. So bring on the climax.

Ram kills Beera's bro. Ram is ruthless, get the point.

Ram and Beera fight,
Beera lets Ram go & sets Sita free. So much for the revenge !
There it is - Ram asked Sita to take Polygraph test. Just when u thought this can't get any worse.

There is a promising idea, a bolder Sita who refuses to take Agnipareeksha. Plus amazing cinematography, Priya Mani, Ravi Kissan, But the fact is all these can't make a good movie unless there is proper script and screen play. Like those in-love-antics-of ash abhi around release time. But not any less boring.

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