Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Indian P League

Like the NRIs shown in Johar/Chopra movies (I m not an NRI technically but since I am not residing in India as of now I qualify), I am very passionate about India and Indian P(Power, Politics, Paisa, Page 3)s. I do a lot of patriotic stuff like read all news portals blogs follow celebrities on twitter and then sit back and comment.It certainly helps that I dont have much to do except get my paycheck on the last friday of every month.

So I open NDTV, IPL is the most important national issue now that Shoania is married. So that no one loses interest 7 teams are still vying for 3 Semi spots, and hopefully till the last match. And then closely following is the THODI - who-is-the-bigger-jackass-contest. And then finally one line about the Storm that killed 100s in Bihar & Bengal. Who is interested in a Storm after all or in real news for that matter.

Itz all about Entertainment boss ! And the Indian P League is a consortium of everything mentioned above. I am not sure if Modi understands the differenece between a googly and yorker but for sure he understands the E value of all the Ps.Which is why he borrowed the most promising E idea from Zee and turned it into an amalgam of all the Ps. And to think he removed the C not just from the name but from the game and replaced with a P and made it a B$ DLF maximum - Sit back n enjoy the Karbonn Kamal times of Sreesanth and Bhajji. Of Angad Bedi and S Mallya and IPL nights. That of Item Numbers (and Item No Cricket), Rakhi Sawant's Swayamvar, Phir mile sur mera tumhara and Size Zero Values. Not to forget Behenji and her statues.. Be Grateful to the citi moments of success - the first ODI double hundred hit by the most deserving person .And that of Dev D and LSD. Not to forget that Bihar is registering 11% growth.

To hope and sense that prevail even in these blimpy times, but May the E never die !!

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