Monday, August 23, 2010


Well some movies are like - one look and u get that gut feeling - man this is gonna suck. Like when it is a Yash raj movie set in Punjab, Akshay Kumar is the hero, it's Bhandarkars take on reality, Anil Kapoor producing the movie showcasing Sonam Kapoor's wardrobe. The last one is Aisha.

Why would any one want to watch Sonam Kapoor in branded clothes wearing LOreal lip gloss. Well I see enough of that already. Why make a movie for that. It has a great supporting cast - Abhay Deol is just so lovable as Arjun Burman, Aishas best friend Pinky, her pet project Shefali, foolish Randhir Gambhir everyone else is just perfect in their part. And then there is Sonam Kapoor. Rather there is Sonam and more Sonam and then even more Sonam, so much so that i started wondering why she din't play all the roles in the movie.

Hello everyone I am Aisha, My dad produced this movie revolving around me to give my soo-not-happening career a boost. So everyone in the movie has nothing to do except dance to my tunes. Well these people are just there to revolve around me and my so not happening life pretty much like my real life career. So after setting up Maasi, I see the comic-relief-guy-friend Randhir spilling drink over Shefali and decide to make a match out of it. Yes thats how whimsical and jobless I am - I am doing something for Animals or something when I am not poking my nose into every one else' affairs, btw focus on wardrobe. So I spend some of my dads money and give the girl a make over (well guess who spent dads money and got a make over after Delhi-6 and Sawariya) and try to set her up one by one with guys I find not good enough for myself. Obviously every guy in the movie is there to fall for me. But I love my childhood friend. Ofcourse he too loves me but for no particular reason he keeps flaunting the hot chick by his side through out the movie till she decides to marry the hunk. Best friend marries comic relief guy and Shefali her old sweet heart and aal izz well. Everything is just so convenient and I get some job. So what was the point - yea I own almost as good a collection as the Sex and the City team.

Despite its wafer thin plot, Aisha is not a bad film, just that it is a Sonam Kapoor film. And she is no Alicia Silverstone.