Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aint we missing something..

This blog is a reflection, of all thoughts that cross my mind.. Usually about my escapades, silly thots.. But rt now its a disturbing thought rather a lot of thoughts which I cant get out of my head. And I am trying to'Google' the truth. What s ironic I am googling about a group who might not have not even heard of it.

I am an IT professional, yes the atmoic part of the shining India which Thomas Freidman described in 'The World is flat'. I exhibit all its properties : middle class parents, 5 digit salary by 22, cant live without mobile and internet, relish Mcd , i chat i mail i spend, hey I drive the economy. i have such opportunities which seemed so impossible to my previous generation or even to me 10 yrs back.

After spending 22 yrs in Gods own country I migrated to the IT capital of India- Blore. And there I saw a different not-so-shining India - a stinking famished India, when I missed office bus. (Something struck - Kerala model of development. You can always develop the minimum standard of living without any significant economic development. And it made sense when a friend who s a keralite brought up in bihar remarked, even if people have nothing to eat they will take bath daily dress neatly and read newspaper ! which is why I didnt see this other still dark India)

Everything was fine and then 'Something suddenly went drastically wrong' - Islamic Terrorism thou back then this was the only terrorism. 1year and a new HM later, India started shining again.. Except for occasional Maoist attacks which no one really cared about. And then the no of casualties zoomed like Indias GDP. But somehow these stories never raised TRPs and coverage didnt last long. Till the casualities hit 50+ and then the latest 76. 'Something went drastically wrong again'. A new term was heard - Maoist terrorism, from the other India - the one portrayed disgustingly and probably truly in White Tiger, the one Arundhati Roy speaks about, the one where Binayak Sen hails from, the one where people are still tribal. The naturally rich yet most impoverished regions and its inhabitants. Who represents them. Who stands the right to? Not the brutal Maoists who seems to have forgotten the cause and is lost in the violent path. If indeed their aim was to bring tribals to mainstream, why do they spend billions on arms and not on the upliftment of the people. How are they making a difference to the people. Do they even care. It is instead widening the gap between the two Indias. Nor Ms Roy whose implausible idea of eliminating the gap is to take whole of India back into the deepest forests and to stone age.

While I am definitely not a Grasshopper supporter, to all the patriotic people passionately blogging and tweeting about the issue and leaving no stone unturned in trouncing Ms Roy, for one she has been there. While she might not be having a plausible solution, she might even be publicity hungry, but the issues she has raised is real. For those of us whose idea of patriotism is becoming a fan of 'I-love-India' groups in Facebook we stand no right to comment. Well from the shining India, I find it hard to even imagine their plight.

While everyone is fighting over Naxalism and Arudhati Roy, the real cause remains the way it has always been - unattended.

Well my intention was to raise the issue, or even the huge difference between the two Indias, this post just made me realize that I dont have even the minimum information required .
For a reality check :

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