Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pak Revenge for IPL Snub?

Open ndtv ibnlive rediff, n Surprise - IPL is no more the most Important Primetime News Item (IPL Item number cricket). The honor goes to Indias latest dangerous liaison with Pak. Sania Mirza - Shoaib Malik wedding ! Well considering they are not even planning to settle down in Pak, this could be a tragic loss for Indian Tennis as, in all probability she would continue (really!) to play for India till second round and then proceed to recover from injuries. Oops - i meant she will continue to recover and in between play till second round.

The noble always-there-for-celebs-when-u-need-publicity Shivsainiks decided to help only to be left in awe by the sheer brilliance of Pak plan. An alleged first wife from the same city!Sena happily backed out - see they just wanted to help. They have only one principle - live and let live. Publicity for us & publicity for u. After all, page3 people too deserve to be on Page1 especially when a film is about to be released. Wannabes - Dare to think beyond page 3!

Well played Shoaib, That sure was a googly!

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