Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sex and the City

Rise and Shine - I told the lil feminist in me !! Not the men bashing proud-to-be-hairy type. The uber cool chic type..
Yea I know I am like a decade behind cool or chic or uber. But its the idea - chicks rock. Men If u have cars, we have fashion. The movie or the series rather celebrates single woman, go out and enjoy And while u r at it, search for love. Instead of waiting for love hope/end-lessly and do nothing except dote on the boss. Get a life Catherine Heigel or rather a script writer!

I always liked the idea : Chics can be perfectly happy too, I mean I am married to the man just perfect for me. My issue is with the idea that woman can't have fun. Like if a woman is single, she is miserable and needy. But if a man is single, he is a playboy and awesome.

Fashion tops my favorite part of the movie. Then the idea. A chick flick is normally a love-lone desperate chick and how she finds love. Yes SATC has Carrie and Big (it's produced by Carrie after all),but SATC is about Carrie and friends. No cinematic greatness Its just awesome chicness over all. The sexy Sam is definitely the best or most entertaining about SATC. Workaholic cynical Miranda. These women exist and enjoy. These are the characters which add that X factor. But still only Sam and Miranda might not be able pull it off. Play safe - add a little homeliness and the producer. And then it's so great to see that they are in 40s and still having so much fun.. So forget the movie and enjoy the chicness.

So here s To fashion and To women ! Feel Good.

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