Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jodha Akbar

It is common knowledge that Madhur Bhandarkar watches a lot of - Sansani khez khabarein. And after watching JA I have a strong feeling that Ashutosh Gowarikar is a Star Plus watcher, and he missed Kyunki so much that he remade it in 70 mm.

Kyunki had a poor priest's daughter getting married to the scion of a super rich Biz family with a vile m-i-l and loving grand m-i-l and then misunderstandings and clearing misunderstandings.. Then hero almost dies and comes back and that's where I stopped. Replace the leads with a Hindu Princess and a mighty Muslim Emperor, add a Jealous step bro, few fight scenes and then gladiator-ish climax in an agonizingly slow pace and u get Jodha Akbar. Not that slow is always bad, Remember Swades or even Lagaan. Its just that it is plain boring (with the exception of a bare Torso Akbar) when u can predict the movie.. even the dialogues.

To me the movie faltered because it was made with an intent to be epic, unlike when the script has potential and it showed. First they add grandeur, The mighty Mughal Emperor - Akbar, Rajputani Princess - Jodha (apparently his D-I-L so much for all the research while making a historical). So there is scope for a 'Hindu - Muslim' 'Poor Girl - Rich Boy' 'Values' love story. Then make it more epic - Take 2 amazing specimens of human beauty, add some war sequences from Hollywood and some greatness of Akbar. And yawnnnnnn..

PS: How about a love triangle between Akbar and 2 of his 999 wives. May be Kat can be the other wife. And keep the prettiness intact.

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