Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Simply put IHLS is a bad movie. but its hard to hate Candy floss. Especially K Jo brand candy floss. He made a very sweet KKHH entirely out of it. And it is hard to not use cute with anything associated with KKHH except the story which is pure Bullshit btw.
IHLS is a much younger first cousin, so we have a damn cute Imran Khan as the cynical Jay and decent looking Sonam as the romantic Simran, and Ketan Dave as Jays HIMYM-Barneysque best friend who gets all the catchy one liners and almost manages to steal the show right under Imran's cuteness. Honestly Imran is not a great actor nor a good dancer and that shows. But when u r that cute who cares. Imagine Imran and Kats and the cuteness overflow. Again Sonam is a misfit in all those hip contemporary Ts and shorts. And to think someone dared to produce a movie revolving around her - bravo Paa !
I don't see much reason to take IHLS seriously. Except the spoof on K Jo there's nothing original. Well the whole movie seems like a spoof of Chopra-Johar brand of film making with all scenes giving a deja-vu. If only makers also decided to not take it seriously it would have been much better.

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