Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Corporate Manifesto !

Few things are less delightful than coming sceond.. like coming second again and then again, to a parasitic amoeba. Well that is Corporate race - its not about performing better but projecting better.

I help Amoeba but cant bring myself to cc all managers and let the world know. And then Amoeba helps X and ccs everyone in the world and gets appreciation. A typical WTF moment ! Then Amoeba logs in late night and pings the client on the other side of the globe. And then replies on top of every mail though there is nothing to add. While I slog my butt out and even help Amoeba at times(I donno y). Then I visualize myself as Roarke and Amoeba as Peter, and trust me, fellow losers, that helps (not in appraisals) . But somehow unlike Fountainhead : I get a mere technically strong but need to be aggressive. While Amoeba is proactive and takes initiative.

All these years I was happy playing Roarke and then the ultimate truth dawned upon me, a very simple and basic discovery, which would be known as the First Law of Corporate Screw Up ! Well it is asses like Amoeba who climb up the ladder, riding on those actually do their bit; but as they go higher the density of asses grow with very few left who can actually do any bit. And then the inevitable screw up. An interesting aspect is how this situation tend to build up till it the screw up is complete, as senior asses with inherent (in)capability identify worthy predecessors and bring them up the ladder while the normal distribution of assness towards the bottom of the ladder helps people down there identify the asses for what they are.
Sample : It doesn't matter how much ever technical work u do. What matters is what difference u make, what value u add to the project, to the account, to the company like an XL capturing all the issues or a PPT highlighting our strengths !
FYI AM, If I don't do my technical work that would definitely make a difference !

Enlightenment Outcome : for the betterment of the society I must sacrifice the ecstasy of being Roarke.

Shortly after wards :-0
X - hey why dont u send that doc to me
Me - Why dont we keep a shared drive and update daily
X - sure
Mail from X : From now on please update all docs in my shared drive.
PM - Smart.
Me - @@$$**!!

But then, I would rather come second than be Amoeba (there is no much choice actually, some people are just born amoebic). Let me keep my integrity though I might tend to sway, After all that's what makes me, me. ;)

There are 2 types of people : Those who try to win and those who try to appear so ! (courtesy NN Taleb)

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