Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Mahabharat + Godfather garnished with 'widow-sympathy-votes' Madam angle - all the excellence of the above mentioned sources of inspiration .

Strangely I kind of enjoyed the movie (in the time of Kites, Raajneeti is pretty much Godfather), especially the first half. Second half is an outright remake of Godfather - with a lot of scenes giving a sense of Deja vu. And then from a hurried meeting between Kunti and her Jyesht Putr to the climax a steep fall. Adapting the war for power to election in current scenario is a commendable move, but politicians shooting each other in public! Well the only plausible explanation seems to be that Jha realized its 3 hrs and has to end the movie. So boom dhish dhish dhish ..

Once the movie starts revolving too much around Ranbir Kapoor's Micheal Corleone it goes down and downer - why the American Girlfriend - cut her and 5 min well saved. One remarkable aspect is almost all the roles demand only a single expression from the actor hence everyone manages to give a decent acting wala feeling. Like Ajay Devgan makes that 'Angry young(now old) man side angle face' (considering his role, that might well have been his natural expression on the sets) through out and very well he is playing an angry man. Arjun Rampal couldn't manage any expression but he made Khadi look hawtt. Bajpai managed to hold on do a decent Duryodhan-esque expression even in those shiny suits. Ranbir's overworking PR has done a very good job in hyping a decent performance - his tally of 2 expressions (in each half) is next only to Nana. Nana smiles , scratches his head , smiles wickedly , becomes serious and not eccentric - and he does it well. Kat looked bad in first half(whoever put that big bindi on her face hates her) but made up in the second half once she came in simple cotton sarees. But the worst job in acting department was done by Kunti who looks younger than her sons with the exception of Ranbir and her wooden expression-ed son that is Rampal.

Still recommending as this is the best I have seen this year.

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  1. Saw your comment on my blog. Thanks ! Our observations sure are similar!