Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Days / Ritu

Some movies make u think - inspires u some way or the other and some make u laugh not exactly bcoz they were intended to.. And some make u do both, having been there u wonder, Really?

Both the movies are cliched - full of stereotypes, but one has a fresh feeling to it and the other is jaded, but way too free time made these stay with me.Well subjects are the eternal campus/corporate life, but then this is about my generation(yea i am no more part of the current gen). But am v much part of the target audience : been there or aspiring to be there (no points in guessing i belong to the former). Still cherishing college life, but never shuns the same here. (instead i think about the next appraisal when i meet a new colleague).

HD is the cute feel good movie. The pretty gal cute guy friendship-misunderstandings-fights-makeup-love story, loser realizing the not-so-hot-always-there-chic is the one for him in the end, ditching friends only to find they are still there.. And everyone is happy at the end of 4 yrs ! Such a wonderful world. But the colorful treatment, teens playing teens for a change and keeping it simple works.

Whereas Ritu is the pretentious realistic movie. A hero who chooses to hold on to old times and values inspite of being in IT , A heroine / sec hero who are lost in the hot and happening IT world only to regret later. Infact the movie portrays IT as the lucrative evil world sucking in innocents and churning out partying and flirting obsessed deprived-of-all-values corporates. No the director is not Madhur-realistic-Bhandarkar. Its our v own Shayamaprasad inspired this time not by classic plays/novels. After page 3, corporate, fashion, jail Bhandarkar might be running out of background premises. Why cant he just stop making movies !

So drifting from HD to Ritu to Bhandrakar and some nostalgic moments later I realized, 1 whole day is over. Mission accomplished !

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