Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It is movies like Kites that make watching movies adventurous. After all who could expect this from Basu after 'Life in a Metro'. To be fair to Basu, Kites is soo Koyla, and has Rakesh Roshan written all over it. Just very expensive.

There is that customary 'No resemblance to anyone living or dead'. Really? Who ever thought a movie like Kites would resemble anything real. Take this - J has had 11 fake marriages to get Green Card for immigrants. And the richest man in Vegas accepts his daughters dance instructor to be the S-I-L just with a question You love my daughter don't u (Was he by any chance Gay). How sweet. And then the (supposedly) romantic music in the backdrop of deadly chases.

The most innovative part of the movie was Kangana's dance in the beginning. Surprise - she can dance. And then add some funny accent by Hrithik - not heard before. And yeah Barbara can act Hrithik can't (but he kind of vibrates when emotes). And he looks so awesome that he managed to look hot even in some totally Gay costumes.

Just a thought why didn't they show Kabir Bedi as the US President. Anyway watch it for a 80s bollywood experience and a few unintentional laughs.

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