Friday, July 23, 2010

Laaga Chunari Main Daag

This one sure was expected to be an adventurous venture after all the reviews i had heard. But hey, it was hilarious, the trouble being it was so not intended to be. Well how hard it is to make a movie about a serious issue like Prostitution and make u laugh. Almost impossible, that was before LCMD.

So there is Vibhavari and Shubhavari - such different names - two happy sisters affectionately called Badki and Chutki, living in a palace in Banaras. Oh btw they are very poor. All they have is the palace and a coughing father and a sewing mother and yes evil relatives. They are happy singing the wonderful 'hum to aise hai bhaiya'.

But the Palace needs to paint, who else but Badki - the son Daddy could not have - goes to Mumbai to make enough money, while Chutki does her MBA. So everyone Badki meets is bad, how sad. No job and no place to live, she takes the only path left - one a Son would not be able to take - Prostitution. And soon they are rich enough not just to paint but to redo the interiors of the palace, 'Marble flooring' she says. Ofcourse now she is a diva with her own place in Mumbai like normal call girls u see. So Chutki joins Badki in the bad city. Ahh and the inevitable happens - realization that her sis is a call girl. And a stunned Chutki says 'u r so great'. Oh so surprisingly Badkis flame happens to be the badka of Chutkis fiancee, who on hearing the truth that Badki is a call girl says - 'u r so pure'. and thus ends the journey of a woman. Arey o yashraj, kitne writers the.

Honestly when I laugh at movies I somewhere feel bad that so many people has put in so much effort. But this one, they didn't even bother.

Atleast the movie made me realize how good an actress Konkona is, she managed to make Chutki likeable. The rest is laughable.

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